Cozmo Reesta is an Indianapolis based cosmetic teeth whitening company committed to brightening the smiles across central Indiana. Cozmo Reesta offers instant LED whitening session for immediate brighter teeth, we use professional equipment and products to achieve the smile you desire. OUR GELS ARE FORMULATED WITH YOUR TEETH’S SENSITIVITY IN MIND! Whether it’s in the comfort of your own home, a whitening party or visit to our location at the Greenwood Park Mall. Our affordable prices will leave you satisfied and confident with your overall appearance.

Cozmo Reesta is founded by a dental professional who has a passion for the beauty industry. (been in the dental field for over a decade). We have focused our business in the area we know best; teeth. We have the knowledge to guarantee customer satisfaction. Upon providing this service we have a personal goal of helping boost the self-esteem of others by providing them with a beautiful smile!

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